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Everyday the Munchie Guy will have new treats for you. He might even give you a free meal but you would probably have to get to know him a bit better first.


Avo & Bacon Burger

100% pure beef 180gm burger, crispy bacon, served with wedges

Avo and Bacon Burger


Munchie Veg Wrap

home made hummus, roasted butternut, couscous & feta

Avo and Bacon Burger


Supreme Croisant

fresh croisant, soft poached egg, avo and hollondaise sauce

Avo and Bacon Burger


Prawn/Chicken Salad

prawn and chicken satay with sesame seeds and a spring roll

Avo and Bacon Burger


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about Munchie Guy

Well, where do I start. Munchie Guy has a mind of his own, he tends to be grumpy most days and hides away in his little lake house. He comes from a far away land where muchies and tastey treats grow on trees.


Nobody has ever actually seen Munchie Guy but aparently he does reside in the century of cities and he likes to keep a low profile.

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He may be shy but Munchie Guy would love to talk to you and hear what you think about his delicious treats. He will always respond to any email he receives.

Frequently Asked Questions

Not too familiar with what exaclty is happening right now?

Right now, the only forms of payment that we can accept is COD (cash on delivery) or Snap scan, you can download snap scan by visiting you google play store or IOS Apple store
No, unfortunately not. Something Munchie Guy would like to cater for in the near future. But we do have delicious vegetarian options.
No, you may not, Munchie Guy will slap you up side the head.
Yes he does, but there will be a delivery charge.
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